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    Page One Infiltrator information/review


    by lightexavier

    You can see my original review at: Page One Infiltrator is a brand new SEO product which is going live soon and a useful product for anyone working on web site creation. The magic behind this software is that it doesn't try to go out and magically get you back links for google rankings, magically drive traffic to your web site or anything like that. Instead what this does is act as the ultimate spy tool to tell you every exact detail about your competition. You simply enter in your keywords and your web site and see the top ten results. Then for each of those top ten this software breaks it down and tells you exactly everything google loves and what google hates about these web sites. Imagine being able enter in your site and see who is in the number one position. Then you're told everything in exact detail that you must do to outrank them including exact details for on page SEO and also off page SEO. You will know every detail about what type of back links they are using and how to do better then them. Where and how you need o beat them to grab that page one ranking. For anyone working on ranking up a web site I would suggest checking this out.