Top 2 Ways to get more REAL Youtube Views for FREE!

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This video is for singers and musicians who want to get more views on their cover videos. We show you two free ways to get more views through real people watching your videos (organically, no bots).

The first tip is to create a Facebook Event and invite your entire friends list. The point of creating the Facebook Event is to announce the release of your music video cover, and invite people to watch your video online. Your Facebook Event needs to have captivating text and photos, and must include your embedded cover video. We go into more detail about how to set this up in the video above.

The second tip is to create a “Behind the Scenes” video. This is a simple video with footage of your filming or recording process. You need to capture the making of your cover video, and release this a day or two before your official cover video is released. By doing this, you’re benefitting in 3 ways:

1) You’re spewing out more satisfying content for your fans who enjoy being a part of your musical journey
2) You’re strengthening that personal connection/bond with your fans
3) You’re creating more anticipation and subsequently setting yourself up to get more views

There’s a lot more where that came from! It’s surprisingly simple…once you know the steps. If you want instant access to the other 23 steps, [CLICK HERE] to be taken to the big DOWNLOAD NOW button.