Oldest Fossilized Bugs Discovered

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An international team of scientists said they have discovered the oldest bugs in the world - 230 million year-old fossils of arthropods preserved in amber.

Though this would date back to the Triassic period, it is quite similar to a scene from Jurassic Park. Amber is a valuable tool for paleontologists and is used to preserve fossils with great detail.

Two new species of mites and a fly are in the amber droplets, and were discovered in the Dolomite Alps of northeastern Italy. Researchers discovered that the specialized mites, from the group Eriophyoidea, are remarkably similar to modern-day gall mites, with traits such as segmented bodies, two pairs of legs as opposed to the typical four, and feather claws.

The mites, each between 100 and 200m (micrometers) long, show the adaptable nature of the organisms, say the scientists. It is possible that the mites had fed on the tree that ended up preserving them.

The fly was unidentifiable with only its antennae well preserved.

Hurricane Isaac makes landfall along the U.S. Gulf Coast.

For some families it is a chance to play in the swelling ocean and be buffeted by the fierce waves.

For others, it is the perfect opportunity to get some impressive videos on their smart phone.

Many though, are quietly praying it won't be another Hurricane Katrina.

Authorities have urged thousands of residents in low-lying areas to leave, warning that the storm surge could reach up to 12 feet, flooding towns and cities in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana.

Rainfall accumulations, possibly as much as 20 inches in some areas, could also trigger widespread flooding.

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