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    Mars Rover Beams Back Audio Recording


    by NTDTelevision

    [Charlie Bolden, NASA Administrator]
    "This is Charlie Bolden, NASA administrator, speaking to you via the broadcast capabilities of the Curiosity rover, which is now on the surface of Mars."

    Beamed over millions of miles, this historic audio has become the first recording of a human voice to be transmitted back to Earth from the surface of another planet.

    The message from a NASA administrator was sent from the Curiosity rover, sitting in uncharted territory on Mars.

    The robotic lab has also continued snapping pictures of the Martian landscape.

    NASA hailed the audio transmission, hoping it will inspire a new generation to look to the stars.

    [Dave Lavery, MSL Program Executive]
    "As Curiosity continues her mission we hope that the words of the administrator will be an inspiration to someone who is alive today, who will become the first to stand upon the surface of the planet Mars. Like the great Neil Armstrong, they will be able to speak aloud in first person at that point of the next giant leap in human exploration."

    Curiosity will soon begin taking its first atmospheric readings for analysis.

    NASA also hopes to drive the rover longer distances, as it goes in search of life on Mars.

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