France Unrest: Street battles in Lyon, blocked Marseille airport, protests in Paris

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It's another day of unrest in France, where Marseille's airport has been blocked by protesters and further demonstrations are planned in Paris. It's all part of the anger at proposals to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62, which would still be one of the lowest in Europe. Violence broke out in Lyon on Thursday morning, where police chased rampaging youths who overturned a car. Lyon also saw clashes on Wednesday between youths and police over French President Nicolas Sarkozy's austerity measures. French protesters blockaded Marseille's airport on Thursday, ahead of a possible Senate vote on raising the retirement age. Hundreds of workers blocked all access to the main airport for about three hours. Students barricaded a Paris high school and planned protests nationwide later on Thursday, as the Senate wraps up protracted debate on a reform that Sarkozy calls crucial to his presidency. At the Turgot high school in central Paris approximately 150 students barracked the front doors of the school with rubbish bins.

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