Advertising Console Review - Is Tyria Guild Wars 2 Guide a scam?


    by YOO TEWB

    56 views - Tyria Guide Review ; is a scam? Heck no! Tyria Guide is a library of professionally written guides for Guild Wars 2. The TyriaGuide maker constantly updated guides give you the most accurate and up to date information available anywhere online.


    They have done the painstaking math, the research and the testing, and they know what the BEST builds, the BEST skills, the BEST rotations, and the BEST strategies are for every aspect of the game! Tyria guides cover leveling, PvP, questing, soloing, grouping, weapon skills, tratits, utility slots, healing and elite slots, end game, healing, tanking, DPSing. If it's in the game, they will teach you how to be the BEST at it!

    Written By Professionals - The guides are all written by some of the finest players in the world. Many of them hail from the Vanilla days of World of Warcraft and from the top 10 guilds such as Ensidia, Premonition and Exodus.