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    Taxman - by the Rothschilds

    git jeggy

    by git jeggy

    What exactly is THE CROWN? The Crown is the name of a small country owned by the wealthy Rothschilds. You and I know it as the city of London but it's official title is the crown.
    When you are prosecuted, you are prosecuted by THE CROWN.
    Tax that you pay is paid by the Inland revenue the privately-owned company to THE CROWN.

    Are you beginning to see that the money deducted from your salary is NOT tax at all.
    You literally GET MUGGED everytime you get paid by your employer.
    This arrangement was put in-place during the 1920's when the Rothschild bank found itself to be on the verge of bankuptcy due to over-lending to the four main countries involved in the first world war.
    This arrangement was made by Rothschild and an international bank as a guarantee of the repayments of a huge loan that Rothschild took-out to save his bank from imminent bankruptcy.
    YOU AND I in fact, have been paying-off HIS LOAN all our working lives.

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