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    Chinese Fishermen Dead, Missing After Typhoon Bolaven Hits South Korea


    by NTDTelevision

    Two Chinese fishing boats capsized near South Korea on Tuesday morning, and now 31 crew members are missing.

    The accident happened as Typhoon Bolaven swept through China’s coastal areas and South Korea on Tuesday afternoon. At least five Chinese fishermen have died in the typhoon.

    Both fishing boats were from Weihai, a city in east China's Shandong province. The Chinese Consulate is working with local South Korean police with search and rescue efforts.

    Typhoon Bolaven hit China on Monday before moving to South Korea. Authorities along China’s east coast issued a yellow alert—the second-highest-level before Bolaven made landfall in northeastern Liaoning Province.

    In Shandong province, about 32,000 people were evacuated. Authorities also cancelled flights on Tuesday evening.

    Bolaven is this season’s 15th typhoon to hit East Asia.

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