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    Hōnen-in at the foot of Mount Nyoigadake!


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    Honenin is a temple of an independent school of the Jodo sect of Buddhism.
    At the beginning of the Kamakura Period (1192-1333), the saint Honen and his pupils Juren and Anraku lived in a hut and worshipped Amitabha Buddha six times every day and night (six time worship). This hut came close to being abolished at one time.
    The 38th generation saint Banbushina of Chionin Temple and his pupil, The priest Nincho, restored it as a Buddhist invocation hall in 1680.
    The seated figure of Amitabha Buddha created by the priest Enshin and a wooden figure created by Honen are enshrined in the main building, and 25 fresh flowers are offered on the platform each morning.
    The hojo (a public space for Buddhist rites) is said to have been transferred from Momoyama Palace in Fushimi ward. The sliding screens paintings Paulownia and Bamboo, Young Pine, and Chinese Black Pine and Aronia appearing on 14 screens and the folding screen painting Pine with Snow have been designated important cultural properties.
    The camellia flowers scattered along the approach are renowned for the especially lovely view they create. The temple precincts contain tombs of several cultural figures including Tanizaki Junichiro, Kuki Shuzo and Kawakami Hajime.