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    Water of the Five Wisdoms: Imakumano Kannon-ji!


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    Imakumano Kannon is one of the sub-temples of Sennyu-ji and its official name is Shin-Nachisan Imakumano Kannon-ji. THis temple is the fifteenth temple of the West Japan 33 Kannon Temple Pilgrimage. It is said that the origin of the temple is that Kukai carved a Kannon statue by himself and enshrined it in a hut. But it is also said that it originates from a temple erected by Sadaijin (Minister of the Left) Fujiwarano Otsugu in the period 854-857. The imperial court has reverenced this temple ‘for example, Emperor Gohorikawa was buried here in 1234) so that the temple prospered.
    The temple is very quiet, and is well-known as a great place to see cuckoos. In the graveyard located behind Hondo (main hall), there are three notable pagodas and it is said that they are the graves of Jien Sojo, FUjiwarano Tadamichi and Fujiwarano Nagaie respectively.

    Red Lacquer Bridge at Imakumano Kannonji: there are no entry gates like most other temples, yet because there is a strong syncretism here of Esoteric Buddhism and Shinto, the bridge represents the red torii gates that you usually see at the entrance to Shinto shrines. Crossing this bridge, over the stream that runs down from the sacred mountain, is an act of purification and also symbolically divides the mundane world from the sacred precinct you are about to enter.