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    1996 Jason 95


    by LoriJo

    "The way I see it, things just happen when they happen."
    Robin comes to Jake's to talk about her backing out the night before. She explains her feelings and what it all means. Jason understands.

    "Sure I'm happy to see you."
    Robin leaves Jake's just before Carly arrives and hugs Jason.

    "Is that like a side order of fries?"
    Carly and Jason discuss their arrangement. She calls him her "boy on the side," and tells him that if they meet on the street, they should act like they don't know one another.

    "You got it."
    Lily is missing, Sonny sends Jason looking for her.

    "I guess, if you like the type."
    Carly at Luke's, looking for Luke, flirts with Mike. Jason comes in looking for Lily; he talks to Luke and Laura for a minute. He and Carly act like they don't know each other.

    Nobody Lives Without Love couples montage (Jarly making out on the docks)

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