In Bangkok Vespas combine substance and style

Al Jazeera English

by Al Jazeera English

The Vespa scooter has always been a popular culture style icon, but on the busy streets of Bangkok vintage Vespas go from being hip to serving a utilitarian purpose in maneuvering the Thai capital's mazes of traffic.

For the delivery workers of Thailand's most densely populated city, the mechanics of old Vespas are ideal for transporting heavy items through the narrow streets of Bangkok.

Eschewing the newer Japanese or even Italian models, for delivery workers in Thailand the shaft drive system of old school Vespas allow for greater stability and longer overall life in the busy streets of the Thai capital.

However, the regular maintenance and expensive parts can make the upkeep of over 30-year-old scooters costly. Still, in Thailand the Vespa thrives for its substance and style.

Al Jazeera's Florence Looi reports from Bangkok.