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    Video of blasts, smoke, aftermath as Gaddafi forces attack Ajdabiya

    RT News Channel

    RT News Channel

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    Amateur video allegedly shot in Ajdabiya, the last major city between the forces of Moammar Gadhafi and Benghazi, shows what appears to be a heavy and sustained attack on the city. Explosions can be heard through the footage, which is purported to be from Wednesday, and thick plumes of smoke are clearly visible after each attack.

    Anti-government forces shot down at least two bomber planes that attacked the airport in their main stronghold on Thursday, according to residents who witnessed the rare success in the struggle against Gadhafi's superior air power. The opposition fighters used three of their own seized planes and some helicopters to attack government troops fighting to advance on the city of Benghazi, a spokesman said. They were unable, however, to keep Gadhafi forces from surrounding Ajdabiya.

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