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    US tunnel vision on Libya while whole region on fire

    RT News Channel

    RT News Channel

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    The revolutionary mood has been spreading across the Middle East and North Africa for almost three months. Syria is the latest country where people are marching to voice their anger. For them, it's about the freedom to speak out. Five people have reportedly been killed after security forces fired on hundreds of demonstrators in the southern city of Daraa. The crackdown was launched after multiple protests sprung-up, defying a ban on marches. In Yemen, at least 45 people died and dozens of others injured after snipers allegedly opened fire on workers who staged a walkout in an anti-government protest in the capital. The president's declared a 30-day state of emergency, but denies his forces were involved in the shooting. In Bahrain, the army demolished the 'pearl monument' which had become a symbol of a month-long Shi'ite uprising against the Sunni monarchy. But the foreign interference in these countries is noticeably thin on the ground, compared to the focus being given to Libya right now. RT's Lauren Lyster has more on what appears to be tunnel vision when it comes to turbulent countries.