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    Make Your Business Card Interactive With Onvert AR


    by onvert

    AR technology is widely used in print and digital industries. Interactive magazines, posters and product packages have become very popular tools to engage and attract an audience.

    The business card is a very effective tool in conveying business information, or details about an individual. Using the onvert framework we are able to transform the humble business card into a powerful showcase with 3D animation, music, rotating effects and much more!

    Moreover, you can share your card via favorite social media channels and start distributing it very effectively.

    An augmented business card will not just be a talking point, it also will help YOU to stand out from the competition.

    You can create your business card absolutely for FREE using - it's really that simple to create clever, interactive content to use for business, personal or educational. No software and free app on any OS.

    Visit for demos, tutorials and to create your own.

    Award-winning AR platform by UK creative company,