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    2012 Ferrari Paris Hilton Caught Sporting Her New Hotrod In Hollywood.


    by CarsNstars

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    Hollywood star, Paris Hilton, snagged herself a brand new 2012 red Spyder Ferrari on Black Friday. The gossip going around is that the car went for nearly $300,000 and the famous heiress tweeted, "Just drove my new car for the first time. Such a beautiful car and so much fun to drive! I love it! #YES! I ♡ Fast Cars!." One of the fellow Hilton celebrities shard that Paris decided to treat herself after a year of hard work and has always wanted a a red Ferrari. The Spyder Ferrari was just the latest addition to starlets extensive car collection. Her other hotrods include two Bentleys, a Range Rover, a hybrid Escalade and a Lexus LFA. In even more Paris Hilton entertainment news, a source said, "She even has her own MotoGP racing team. Her team recently won the world MotoGP championships so she is celebrating!" Like so many other actors, singers, and stars it is clear Paris is yet another car obsessed celeb.