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Michigan: Report from Hell- Part 4: Don't worry! We're bringing a gun.


by paulsmells



Hmmmm, there were some things to mark to trigger some events that were pretty finicky (like if you wanted to save the reporter in this section it was pretty annoying to do) but I'd say the most difficult part was just dealing with the complete lack of game play while still having to pay attention. Most games will put you on rails but this one allowed you to fully walk and run around, which was fine to capture a few things (like the ghosts) but mostly made the experience very dull....especially for the five times that I played through the game for the LP.
By paulsmells 2 years ago
@paulsmells What was the most difficult part gameplay-wise to do?
By Tharthan 2 years ago
Yeah, the game is a train wreck of garbage and nonsense that is a pain to play but a joy to watch. Especially knowing that the developer didn't even know it was released in Europe and that all the characters are named after professional wrestlers.
By paulsmells 2 years ago
18:48 Except... there was.
By Tharthan 2 years ago
16:19 "How dare you not watch someone be murdered instead of doing the humane thing and try to save them! YOU'RE FIRED!"
By Tharthan 2 years ago
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