RE--Todd Akin (legitimate rape vs rape by deception)

Russ Lindquist

by Russ Lindquist


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Really good. Don't know if you have ratings enabled, but I think I gave it five stars. Perhaps what a male friend studying in Denmark was told at a new foreign student orientation was wise: "Ladies, if you go out after class or a movie and have a beer with a man and he does in fact rape you, forget trying to press charges. You'll lose. It'll be considered you were, essentially, asking for it somehow. Sorry, but that's how it is." Sounds dreadful but both genders paid attention and there was no trouble. Victim of attempted rape myself. Was told by the DA he's a fireman and more valuable than I was, a mere secretary. Friends told me they knew him, he lived in my nabe, and wouldn't hear of me taking a taxi. Had to take my lumps. (I did fight and he ended up in the emergency room. He confessed, his fiancée left him -- they said, "He's suffered enough." Okay. Life ... is not so simple.
By lisafalour3 years ago