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    The Beautiful Five-Tiered Pagoda of Kaijusen-ji!


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    This temple was established in 735 by Roben, a priest of Todai-ji Temple. Kaijusen-ji Temple, with its main hall, Monjudo Hall and Oku-no-In, affords a view of the distant mountains which are likened to the ocean. The temple was named after the paradise of Kannon. Rising up amidst a dense green pine forest is a beautiful five-tiered pagoda painted in a brilliant vermilion. Also known for warding off misfortune and preventing palsy, the temple holds a white radish (daikon) cooking festival for the prevention of palsy on December 18th every year.

    The Trick of the Wish-granting Eggplant:

    An eggplant flower blooms without wasting a single thing; it also, in Japanese, is read as 'nasu' which can also mean 'accomplishment'. This is a good omen that hard work will be recognised and dreams will come true.
    Sit down on the eggplant while thinking strongly of your wish and pray earnestly.
    Two people can sit down here to forge deeper bonds, but if alone, you can sit down just for good luck.
    “ A parens’t opinion and an eggplant's flower should not be wasted, not even one in a thousand.” (Japanese proverb) The Wish-granting Eggplant: to alter disaster and bring you luck.