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    World Tango Festival 2012


    by NTDTelevision

    2012's Gran Milonga Tango festival comes to a close.

    Full Story:

    Hundreds of couples danced on stage as this year's Gran Milonga, Buenos Aires World Tango Festival came to a close.

    The Great National Milonga, which ran from August 14th to the 28th, closed with a big performance in front of an audience, which included many of the competitors in this year's Tango World Championship.

    Both the dance and music of Tango is deeply ingrained in Argentine culture; it can be traced to the the late 19th century in poorer areas of Buenos Aires. In 2009. UNESCO added the activity to the cultural world heritage list.

    Organized by the city's culture ministry, the Argentine capital now holds the Gran Milonga Nacional annually.

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