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    Lonely Day

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    System of a Down is a four-piece alternative metal band, formed in 1995 in Los Angeles, California.
    Their name was inspired by a poem written by band member Daron Malakian entitled "Victims of a Down" (commonly mistaken for what is written on the back of their first album). Fellow band member Serj felt that "System" was a much stronger word.
    System of a Down has been labeled as "nu metal" by some fans and media since their incarnation. This can be attributed to the release of their first album, which occurred during the “nu metal” boom of the mid-to-late '90s, though they'd actually been making music and touring before nu-metal had been created. The song structure is also arguably done mostly conventionally.
    Guitarist Daron Malakian has said in a Guitar World interview that he is glad System of a Down has not slipped into the nu metal genre. During a 2005 concert, he announced, "They used to call us nü-metal, now they call us prog rock. I think they'll call us anything that's popular."
    "Lonely Day" is the second single from the 2005 album Hypnotize. It was written by guitarist Daron Malakian, who also provides the track's lead vocals.
    with melancholy lyrics and features one of the most complex guitar solos of System of a Down's repertoire. However, it has been criticized by some music reviewers for its lyrics, notably the fact that the song utilizes the phrase "most loneliest."
    The music video contains footage of the band in a tour coach and many of the things they drive past are on fire; the fire possibly represents loneliness. Another interpretation is that the fire represents scenes from Iraq with buildings on fire from bombings, and life going on as normal while destruction of the city is happening in the background. The music also references a Pink Floyd album cover, as two men can be seen shaking hands in front of a fire in the background.
    The song received a nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance at the 49th annual Grammy Awards.