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    The Only 5 Supplements You Should Take


    by greenfithealth



    Hi ashleyhd,

    Great point! While some herbal supplements can definitely have positive effects on our health I do think they can also have negative effects just like their non-herbal counterparts.

    For example, there are numerous herbal metabolism boosters that do help with weight loss. While they may stimulate short-term gains they may actually produce a slower metabolism over the long-term, especially when a person stops using the supplement. Just like non-herbals, our bodies can become dependent on supplements that "do the work" for us.

    That being said, I would never rule out herbals altogether. I just caution people to know what they are taking. The 5 recommendations in this video are safe for long-term use and don't compromise our body's natural functions. I am sure there are some herbal products that would fall into that category as well.

    Do you have any specifics in mind?
    By greenfithealth4 years ago
    Ashley Brown
    Yes I agree with you that there so many products are available for weight loss but I just want to ask you what about herbal products as I heard that these are very effective way of losing weight . What is your opinion on that.
    By Ashley Brown4 years ago