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    The Floating Islands of Kannon-ji Temple!


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    This is a temple that is said to have been built in the reign of Emperor Tenmu (673-686)and the principal image is Juichimen Kanze Kannon Bosatsu, which is designated as a national treasure. The temple garden is famous for cherry trees and visitors can feel the atmosphere of an old temple together with floating islands in the garden.
    This ancient temple is said to have been built more than 1,300 years ago during the time of Emperor Shomu (725-749). The main image is a Juichimen Kannon (eleven-faced Deity of Mercy), one of seven eleven-faced Kannon images in Japan which have been designated as National Treasures. The facial expression is full of youthful health and beauty. From this image one can get a feeling for the gorgeousness of the Tempyo period. The precincts are famous for their cherry blossoms. Along with the garden, which has a floating island, You can savour the atmosphere of an ancient temple.