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    Where Does Chocolate Come From? Hunt Cacao With Nova Monda

    Where Does Chocolate Come From

    In this video Gregory, one of the chocolatiers from Nova Monda Cacao and Chocolate, goes on a cacao hunt in Ecuador. For those people who wonder, "Where does chocolate come from?", this video is for you. Gregory finds the cacao, and shows how it is harvested. Harvesting cacao is the first step to making chocolate and cacao nibs.

    He says, "Joseph and I are going to wonder in to the forest and check out the different varieties of cacao that we have on the farm. So we are going to go explore the different varieties of cacao bean, harvest maybe fifty or a hundred pounds of cacao and bring it back out to do a little micro ferment. Harvesting cacao is a super interesting process, and part of it involves being able to reach up and get cacao that is in top of these very old cacao trees.

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    Where Does Chocolate Come From