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    1.- Shadai vs (Josh)Outer signal - Bizarros

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    There are many mysteries surrounding the Mayan culture, its mysterious disappearance, its beautiful cities, its vast knowledge of the stars and the cosmos, this is only to cite some few details, details that have made great efforts to become one of the most important cultures in past and present of human history. But one thing that has jeopardized many scholars of this are their sacred books and manuscripts and “Popol vuh” is one of them, as in the above mentioned data are described very special and important to the now extinct culture of southern Mexico.

    It is my honor to make this little tribute with this compilation, as an important element that met the Mayans knew also express a divine magic, music, and in honor of this codex is mystical and as such is entitled "Popol Vuh".

    Digital Shamans were chosen by the red toned snake (Avizz) to this call sound 13 soldiers came from different corners made their whit they futuristic instruments and made this work possible in tribute to those who were once their gods.

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