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    Abe Lyman's Dance Orch. - There's One Little Girl Who Loves Me, 1927


    przez grzegorz240252

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    Thank you so much for your concern, Grzegorz! As usually, copyright issues always seem erratic and significantly more mysterious than the origin of the Universe :-))) So far I have not too many complaints about DM's policy although in my case too I never really get a way to find out why one or the other clip was rejected. Enjoy your journey abroad and see you soon!
    Przez kspm0220s3 lata temu
    Hello Patrick, Jack - I am very sorry it took me a while to answer, a delay caused by a little problem I had with Dailymotion. They have deleted my recent clip and it took me some time to try to find out - why. The ban referred to my recent upoload of the McKinney's Cotton Pickers Do Something, from 1929. Until today I have not been informed what was the reason - fortunately, all mess ended up merely in form of deleting the film and with no other "sanctions" against me ) it used to happen, quite often in YT). That accident really worried me for it may be a sign of change in usually rather liberal copyright policy in DM. Tomorrow, I'm flying out for my African holiday. Will be back soon, to share with you again the new pieces - of the "old" music... :-)) Take care all of you, and so long!
    Przez grzegorz2402523 lata temu
    This was a brilliant, witty and sparkling song. I'm fond of it! Thanks as well for the enjoyable and cheerful pictures in this video! As ever, you chose the most appropriate visual material :-)
    Przez kspm0220s3 lata temu
    Boston Blackie
    Thanks G. I really enjoyed this one. The video was perfect.
    Przez Boston Blackie3 lata temu