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    GIjoeFan1976 Ruks II

    by GIjoeFan1976 Ruks II



    Christian Jones
    its real cool to see you havin fun in front of the camera again!!:) i would have the banana strawberry flavour one because i likes the way they taste combined is like the jam i sometimes has on toast ha ha!;) i cannot decide so can i have abit of all the chocalate bars? ha ha!!;) wow not seen any cheetos crisps for years! ha ha more funny faces in front of camera please mate!;) oh yea rushta costko does sound like one of them european classic music composer kind of name!;)
    By Christian Jones3 years ago
    :D Heylow nice to see you! :D I like how you made the intro for this incorporating your fun title :D! ...oooh tough choice on the drinks as I don't think I've tried pena colada but I do like banana n strawberry maybe I could try a taste of pena colada and have the banana-strawberry? ;)! :D! so is sobe like a smoothie? ...oh yes sir I did like the Almond Joy cause I often feel like a nut ;)!!! Mounds coconut was yum good too and I would probably bug ya for a tate of crunchy Reeses Pieces heehee! :D maybe I will start on making a candy to get list for next visit ;)! hehehe I'm glad your dad got in the video :) I said oooh thats an interesting new flavour of Cheetos! did you get to try one? :)
    awe yes very cute joke :D! I hope Michael liked! before we got to that part I thought the feel like a nut was the cute joke you meant ;) and that was a cute lil' joke I thought too teehee :)!
    By 1of3knights4 years ago