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    RCMP Motorcycle unit backing up Officer on Possible DUI driver


    by Ray

    Codiac RCMP responded to Berrys Mills Road just before 5 PM this afternoon , for a possible drunk driver. Vehicle thery were looking for was stopped a few minutes later across from Horseman Road. Male driver was checked and he wasn't drinking , other Officers arrived for back up but were not needed. Police did check the trunk of the vehicle and it had dealer plates on it. Free Police Fire and Ambulance SCANNER, listen in , shoot it , upload it , and watch the discussion, be sure and invite Friends & Family to Newschaser Group...just click on the little speakers to the left opens in new window, listen to 1 or all 4 at once. Thanks to Jeremy Quillian let's see if he can hit number 1 in North America for most listeners AGAIN :)