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    Madonna Forgives Elton, Scorcese Sued


    by NTDTelevision

    Madonna has called for an end to her on-going feud with Elton John. At her concert in Nice, France, Madonna dedicated her song "Masterpiece" to John, saying that, "I knows he's 'a big fan' of mine." Incidentally, it was "Masterpiece" that started the whole feud, after it beat out John's "Hello Hello" for the Best Original Song Golden Globe. John previously compared Madonna to a "fairground stripper" and said her tour was a disaster.

    John Galliano has been stripped of France's prestigious Legion d'Honneur. The fashion designer - who was convicted of publicly insulting a Jewish woman in a bar - will have to surrender the medal. The award is one of the highest honors the French government hands out to non-natives.

    Finally, Martin Scorsese has responded to a lawsuit that claims the director was avoiding a film he had promised to make. Cecchi Gori Pictures is suing Scorsese for reneging on a contract in which he allegedly promised to make a film called "Silence". Scorsese released a statement saying the claims are unfounded and inconsistent.