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    "A Love Letter to Jack Benny" - 1981 - part 1 of 2!

    Ray Glasser

    by Ray Glasser

    This is a GREAT Jack Benny special, probably the best one I have of him. "A Love Letter to Jack Benny" aired on NBC on Feb. 5, 1981, and was hosted by 3 of Jack's closest friends - Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, and George Burns. ALL 4 of these great comedians are long gone, unfortunately. This is the epitome of innocent but effective humor! Also, notice the special effects in this show, they are an early form of a then-new effect called SqueeZoom, which is hardly used anymore. This recording is an off-the-air original, with commercials cut out, and shows how great even my oldest Beta tapes still look!! This is part 1 of 2.