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    Pure 19 Ep101_120606_Esub_2 of 2

    Constable Odo

    by Constable Odo

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    thank you this dorama is very good.
    By zashiwara9 years ago
    Constable Odo
    I'm not entirely certain what you mean, but if you want to watch a particular video series, you should go into that particular group, look around on the page and click on MOST RECENT and then the videos will be organized starting from most recent to oldest. I guess sometimes they get organized by MOST POPULAR or MOST COMMENTED which throws them out of chronological order. I'll have to look at this Add as a Friend thing. I never did that before. It appears the other members did that themselves. Anyway neufstream is fairly much setup the same was as dailymotion with minor page formatting differences.
    By Constable Odo9 years ago
    I'm new to neufstream. Why are the episodes arranged/presented haphazardly, not in chronological/ascending order? Is there a way to organise this for more efficient retreival of the vids? Anyway , many thanks for the upload. I'll be elated if u could include me in ur list of friends to enjoy ur sharing.Best wishes to you.
    By springleaf9 years ago
    Constable Odo
    cheng26, if you're interested in earlier episodes and such, you should check out the soompi forums. You can download episodes and they have written translations instead of subs. I can't give you particulars, you'd have to check around and ask a bit, but I know they do have an extensive thread on Pure 19.
    By Constable Odo9 years ago
    really wish there was earlier episode, like to see how the two main character got together.
    By cheng9 years ago
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