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    et la Lutte continue.

    Richard Azzouz

    by Richard Azzouz


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    Richard Azzouz
    Its not permitted to occupy a land,and to marginalize its true inhabitants,and to DENY THEIR LEGITIMATE RIGHTS TO SELF GOVERNANCE. To use them as slaves,and to rule them by starvation,and despair,to mine their lands from under their feet,and to deny them its economic/resources,and all SOCIAL benefits.
    the Arab occupiers.
    What is taking place right now, and today in North Africa.Where the brutal Arab regimes of tugs,and dictators,are force assimilating the Amazighs,by tortures, imprisonments of all opposition members.Where these victims have been subjected to horrific methods of torture known to man kind,the Gestapos agents of the despot are known of shoving bottles up their tied up victims,in the this police state's dungeons. Today Morocco,is holding over 700 known political prisoners,yet the wall street dogs,or world capitals political prostitutes,and pedophile satanists fascists,are praising Mohamed6, the dictator drug dealer,the son of bitch assassin despot,for his wisdom in forgi
    By Richard Azzouz3 years ago