World's 5 Most Unusual Dog Breeds

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World's 5 Most Unusual Dog Breeds - as part of the series on pets and animals by GeoBeats.

You think you dog is unique. Wait till you see 5 of the most unusual breeds.

Number 5. Shar-Peis are known for their hippopotamus like head-shape and wrinkly face and these dogs weigh between 45-60 pounds. Shar-Peis are extremely loyal to their owners but are usually reserved with strangers.

Number 4 are the Komondors. This hairy breed was originally bred in Hungary and was used to guard the flocks of sheep there. Komondors are very protective of their homes and owners and also receive a lot of attention at competitive dog shows.

Number 3 are the Chinese Crested dogs. These dogs usually weigh about 10 pounds and come in two types: 'Hairless' and 'Powderpuff', meaning with fur. Since this breed sheds little or no hair, they are on American Kennel Club's list of dog breeds, good for people with allergies.

Number 2 is the Chow Chow breed. This breed has a lion like appearance and comes in 5 colors - red, black, blue, cinnamon, and cream. They are also known for their blue or black tongue. Chow Chow is a dominant breed and requires early socialization and training.

Number 1 are the Bedlington Terriers. These dogs have curly, wool like coat which gives them an appearance of a lamb. Originally from Bedlington England, the breed can be traced back to the 18th century.

What's your favorite dog breed?