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    Armless Archer to Compete in Paralympics

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    by Geo Beats

    Armless Archer to Compete in Paralympics - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    The Paralympic games are an amazing part of the Olympics. Watching participants defy all odds warms the hearts of millions across the world.

    This year, one competitor in particular leaves onlookers speechless. Matt Stutzman, from Iowa qualified for the U.S. team in archery last year. Stutzman was born armless. However as a teenager, he obtained a bow and arrow and has been practicing ever since. He is set to appear at the Paralympics opening ceremony, with his competition beginning the following day. Stutzman speaks of his shooting method, stating, “There's three parts of my face I need the strings to touch at all times: my nose, the corner of my mouth and the bottom of my chin. I move my jaw a little bit and it shoots the bow.”

    The International Paralympic Committee president stated that this year’s events will be the “biggest ever”, with 16 new countries now included in the competition. The Paralympics have come a long way since their debut in Rome in 1960. Sixteen years later, the events were opened to non-wheelchair participants.