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    Drunk Man Urinates on Breathalyzer Equipment

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Drunk Man Urinates on Breathalyzer Equipment - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Ahh, yes the effects of too much alcohol.

    One man in Woodend, New Zealand recently had a rough night on July 23rd. 26-year-old Ryan Thompson reportedly drove into a woman’s house, landing in her living room after drinking and driving.

    Thompson was taken to the police station where he failed a breathalyzer test. He then decided to urinate on a box of tubes used for breath testing; damaging more than 300 tubes.

    Thomson appeared in court and pleaded guilty to all charges: he lost his driving license for 9 months, paid $200 for wilful damage, $1500 to the homeowner for "emotional harm" and more than $100 to the police department for the ruined test tubes.

    In another drunken report from July 28th, Timothy Paez was upset after a woman shut down his pick up attempts while at a bar in Boulder. Paez decided to get payback, exposing his genitals, then urinating on the woman's leg. Police arrested Paez under suspicion of public indecency and harassment.