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    Charles Yu: New Technology Creates Science Fiction World



    Charles Yu: New Technology Creates Science Fiction World
    Commonwealth Club - SF Club Office
    Charles Yu discusses his acclaimed novel How to Live Safely in the Fictional Universe with editor Eli Horowitz. A big-box store employee is confronted by a zombie during the graveyard shift, a problem that pales in comparison to his inability to ask a co-worker out on a date. A fighter leads his band of virtual warriors, thieves and wizards across a deadly computer-generated landscape. A company outsources grief for profit with the tagline: "Don't feel like having a bad day? Let someone else have it for you." Named by the National Book Foundation as one of its "5 under 35" fiction writers to watch, Yu draws from both pop culture and science to transport his readers into an imaginative universe in his latest collection, Sorry Please Thank You: Stories. Join us and hear from this major new voice in American fiction as he discusses his latest foray into the heart of the human condition.