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eng: popgasa
- “bear” describes an innocent and quiet person whereas “fox” is coined with a person who is coy, sly, coquettish, etc

- “I don’t steal from empty homes” is also a wordplay which can also mean “I don’t release empty albums.” “I don’t steal from empty homes” probably implies that G-Dragon doesn’t feel the need to copy anyone since they are all “empty” anyway.

- “This tiny guy tries to come on stage and stir things up
But I don’t like it – it’s not pleasant to see
I turn my head here and there and wherever I go, it’s his music
His pictures are everywhere – even though he pretends he’s crazy, they can’t sell his stuff because they don’t have it”

This stanza starts off with a quotation probably said by other haters. The last line is G-Dragon sarcastically saying “So you just can’t live without me, huh?”

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