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Footsie Feat. Ras Kinah & Frisco - Nothing But The Best

il y a 6 ans292 views

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Footsie returns to SBTV with" Nothing But The Best" Ft. Ras Kinah & Frisco.

Javan “Frisco” Morgan (born December 30, 1982) is a musician and song writer based in North London. He is a member of Boy Better Know and is commonly affiliated with TMT (which consist of Cell 22, Presto & Danny B). Frisco is mainly known for his appearance in the “Private Caller” video which was produced by Skepta in 2003. Since then, Frisco released his first mixtape, (and was the first Grime associated artist to do so) Murda Music Volume 1, followed shortly by volume 2. It is thought that from here on, Frisco took a one-year hiatus to spend time with his son, of whom he mentions in his following mixtapes. Although he wasn’t completely inactive during this time, still doing minor music work. In his 2006/2007 return, he followed up the previous two mixtapes with Back 2 Da Lab volumes 1 and 2 which have been very successful. Both mixtapes contain productions from well known producers such as ‘Wiley’, ‘SEM’ and ‘Skepta’. In early 2008, his fifth mixtape overall was released ‘Peng Food’, again considerably successful, but rare, outside of www.ukrecordshop.com , the mixtape can only be found in popular underground record stores around East London.
Frisco battled ‘Scorcher’ of the Movement and Cold Blooded, on JME’s Mayhem beat, due to ‘Street Politics’. Scorcher accused Frisco of abandoning Wretch 32, and mocking Skepta and Wiley before he joined Boy Better Know. Frisco’s reply’s content involved the story of Scorcher being mugged for his keys to his motor bike. The feud has now ended, and The Movement and Boy Better Know have collaborated together on the “Fuckin’ with the Team” remix, which was produced by Skepta.

Frisco has had notable interest from mainstream recognised labels, but have however turned their attentions away. It has been said that in their opinion, this is due to Frisco’s lyrics (or ‘Bars’ in terms of Grime) contain ‘poor content’, and was told he would have to change this heavily to comply with joining. But Frisco, has stated he would not want to be looked as “another Dizzee Rascal because he’s a japseye, waiting to cash cheques for women loving tunes”.

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Footsie Feat. Ras Kinah & Frisco - Nothing But The Best
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