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    Prince Harry's naked night in Vegas revealed

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    Looks like Prince Harry took the term Las Vegas Strip literally. TMZ leaked photos of the Prince showing off the Crown Jewels during a wild night in Vegas.

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    Prince Harry has quite the history of scandals ranging from smoking pot to calling a fellow Sandhurst cadet a "Paki" to wearing a Nazi costume to a party. We thought we'd seen it all. Oh, how wrong we were!

    Now everyone has seen it all (or should we say his all?) after gossip site TMZ got a hold of some very revealing photos of the prince. The photos show a naked Prince Harry bear-hugging a naked girl in one photo and cupping his royal jewels in another.

    The Royal Family is in full damage control mode and has threatened to sue British media if they publish any photos. Why, Royal Family? WHY!? Prince Harry is doing wonders for your hipness factor.