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    Viggo Mortensen Promotes New Movie in Argentina


    by NTDTelevision

    Movie star Viggo Mortensen said things aren't much different whether filming in Hollywood or on the river delta just north of Buenos Aires.

    The U.S. actor of Lord of the Rings fame spoke with journalists on Tuesday in Buenos Aires before the opening of the Argentine film 'We All Have a Plan'.

    Mortensen, who spent part of his childhood in the South American country and speaks almost perfect Argentine Spanish, stars in the film alongside a cast of local actors.

    Although he often visits Argentina, Mortensen said the project by writer and director Ana Piterbarg was the first one that interested him and fit into his busy schedule.

    [Viggo Mortensen, Movie Star]:
    "I've thought numerous times how nice it would be to film in Argentina. One never knows. I had been offered other roles and either I was already doing something else or I didn't like the scripts. Ana's script is one of the better stories I've read in a long time. Everything checked out. It worked out well and fortunately we could make this movie.”

    The thriller was filmed both in Buenos Aires, and in the river delta just north of the city, an area cut by canals that is accessible only by boat.

    Mortensen plays Agustin, a frustrated doctor living in the city, who following the death of his twin brother, moves to the river and takes on his personality.

    The Hollywood star plays the role of both the brothers in this tense, gripping thriller.