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    Anabaptist History (Day 13) The Birth of The Hutterites-Part 1

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    by Sermon Index

    158 views This is day 13 of a 5 week session on Anabaptist history. In this message the Moravian Anabaptist are looked at. The city Nikolsburg in Moravia and Balthasar Hubmaier are discussed at the beginning of the message. Form here, over differences of war, community of God and the nature of the Kingdom of God, the Moravian Anabaptist give rise to the Hutterites. Attention is given to the Hutterite's mission zeal and their tenacity under trials and persecution. Demonstrating amazing endurance and the ability to execute a group vision under extreme circumstances, Dean called the Hutterites, "The Marine Corps of the Anabaptists."

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