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    Man Throws Cat Out of Window After Internet Problems

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    by Geo Beats

    Man Throws Cat Out of Window Due to Internet Problems - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Everyone has a breaking point. But for some people it only takes petty issues to push them over the top.

    32-year-old, Timothy Spiker from Cumberland, Maryland was so upset over his failed internet connection that he resorted to violence. He reportedly threw a cat from the window of a second floor apartment and then punched a female member of his family. After throwing the cat, Spiker purportedly tried to grab a dog which caused a physical struggle between himself and family members at home. Spiker was arrested and charged with assault, animal cruelty and disorderly conduct.

    He isn’t the only one with a short temper.

    Recently, a Connecticut man was arrested for punching a store clerk. The 7-Eleven clerk called him "honey" when answering a question. He warned the employee not to refer to him as "honey" again and allegedly reached over the counter and punched the woman in the face.

    In Tennessee, 40-year-old, Lowell Turpin saw an unknown male's photo on his girlfriend’s Facebook page. Not recognizing it was Mitt Romney, Turpin smashed the computer and then hit her in the face.