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4217. The Dark Galactic Age of Pandora: THE PIRATE: Awaking with amnesia on a ship of his lost comrades. THE GENERAL: Answering to a madman as they fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance. THE SPY: Restored to a clone body after 1000 years, deep in a dark age she had fought to prevent. THE PSYCHIC: Tormented with visions hinting at horrors to come.THE SMUGGLERS: Thrown into the midst of a conflict beyond their ordinary means, a ragtag crew of misfits on whom the fate of the galaxy depends...

4217 and a Galactic Dark Age hangs over humanity. A collection of rogues is our species only hope as extradimensional psychic vampires swarm the galaxy. Smugglers and psychics, spies and soldiers; pirates and madmen. Each finding their destiny lies in the thick of a war to save humanity from extinction.

By Dante D'Anthony
Illustrated by:
Neil "Grafikeer" Thacker
Steve Allman
Gabriel "Kana Futura"Montagudo
Roy Rudder

This site is the continuing blog, to be released as a free kindle book upon completion.

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