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    Spa hotel Mauritius: Long Beach, tropical village


    par Sun-Resorts

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    Enter into the luxury and privacy of Long Beach tropical village and discover the new flagship luxury Mauritian hotel. The spa hotel offers you a journey to the edge of paradise. Facing the crystal-clear waters of a sublimely beautiful Mauritian lagoon, the Long Beach spa hotel overlooks the immense white sand beach. Modernity is mixed with tradition; hi-tech amenities and typically Mauritian natural materials contrast and the contemporary interoirs are simply breathtaking! This resort, one of a kind in Mauritius, offers a multitude of leisure activities for guests of all ages, staying as couples, families, lone travellers or groups. The Mauritian spa hotel also proposes numerous restaurants, bars, boutiques and wonderful pools. Prepare your next spa holiday in Mauritius, visit the new Long Beach hotel website: