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    Dr Horowitz Rips Dr Oz Apart . . . PART 3 on ABC's H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Fraud


    by RevolutionTelevision

    Watch Part 3 of 3 here as Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz sheds light on the dark subject of Americas Doctor lying to the American people to accomplice "the mass killing of people for profit," that is, genocide.

    Listen and learn from Dr. H. as he indicts Reuter's News Service and their Editor-in-Chief, Thomas Glocer, that broke world news in April regarding the Mexican outbreak. Glocer's propaganda alleged H5N1 was possibly in this mix--a virus that kills 60% of humans infected. Thomas Glocer is the Director, on the Board of Directors, of Merck & Co. owner of CSL, Inc. This is the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine maker that did the safety testing on pregnant women, babies, and children.

    Incredibly, as you learned in Part 2, Rupert Murdochs family financed hospital and clinic in Australia was where this fraud took place. Dr. Horowitz explains how and why the safety tests were biased by pseudo-science. The control group was not given saline, only other vaccines and mercury. This created the guise of legitimacy and false proclamations of safety. Likewise, children were tested at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute under the direction of Sarah Murdoch, Rupert's daughter-in-law.

    Did you know that Rupert Murdoch controls FOX, Time Warner, and many, many more media outlets?

    These GROSS CONFLICTING INTEREST between media moguls Murdoch and Glocer, and H1N1 flu vaccine manufacturers, is shocking.

    Here, Dr. Oz tells America on ABC that everyone needs to get vaccinated. The financier behind ABC bosses is Lloyd Blankfein. Thomas Glocer, Rupert Murdoch, and Lloyd Blankfein are David Rockefeller's partners in the PFNYC. These are the people that shape public health and medicine—past, present and future. Their drug ring advances "genetopharmaceuticals"--vaccines for everything. These are the people that dictate what people like Dr. David Sencer, the man that dug up the 1918 Spanish flu virus in 1997, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the NIAID AIDS Czar, and premier promoter of H1N1 Flu vaccines, say and do.

    In Part 3, watch Dr. Fauci join Dr. Oz in this conspiracy to commit genocidal fraud. The government's leading flu vaccine expert, Dr. Fauci, you will learn here, is the co-patent holder, and royalty earner for IL-2, a vaccine adjuvant. He does not disclose his conflicting interests, or the amount of money he has been paid for IL-2's use in vaccines.

    Suffice it to say only mentally manipulated fools still believe these vaccines are safe. The aforementioned intelligence compels every reasonable and responsible person to avoid getting vaccinated this (and every) flu season, and do whatever you can to spread this shocking truth.