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    Oxy Silver Hydrosol History of Suppressed Disease Remedy


    by RevolutionTelevision

    Check out Oxy-Silver Hydrosol at to imagine a world free from infectious diseases. NASA science delivered this breakthrough for astronauts, and drug industrialists have suppressed knowledge and access to silver hydrosols from "We the People." Oxy-Silver hydrosol is a silver hydrosol containing nani-size silver that is bonded to water using a special non-radioactive "reactor," that creates: 1) electrically-conductive nano-size silver that electrocutes and destabilizes pathogens; 2) provides increased oxygenation and alkalinization of the body for greater immunity and resistance to diseases; and 3) natures central good vibration, 528Hz, providing a LOVE hydro-resonance that help you maintain better health and general wellness. Doctors say Oxy-Silver hydrosol holds the capacity to make antibiotics and vaccinations obsolete by sending germ-zapping molecules deep within cells where body guarding immune cells cant go. The actual germ killing is done by your natural life force that electrocutes deadly bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and parasites freeing your stronger immune system to fight cancers and infectious diseases. Oxy-Silver hydrosol either produces real results fast or you get your money back from The store supports non-profit humanitarian organizations helping to rid the world of infectious diseases. The OxySilver Affiliate Program is turning satisfied doctors and patients into life-saving prospering partners. The program provides a free website with no hidden costs or monthly service charges, and pays great rewards for your referrals.

    Here, Dr. Leonard Horowitz ( presents a brief history of this technology and reasons why this is far safer and more effective than vaccinations and antibiotics for remediation of infectious diseases.