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    AVS funny interview - Friends movie comedy scenes - Sivaji, Ali

    Telugu Filmnagar

    by Telugu Filmnagar

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    Balu, Chanti, Vasu and Dattu are four friends who share an apartment in the city. None of them are employed but each of them has his own dream and set of goals in life. Balu wants to go to the US and work, Chanti wants to get married to a rich woman, Vasu pretends to be a millionaire and Dattu wants a good paying job. Although, they are a competent lot, their lethargic attitude towards life drags them behind. When Siddu, a kind hearted man moves into their apartment, he tries to get the four friends back on their feet without hurting their egos. When Siddu meets with an accident, the four friends need to put their minds together and come up with a lump sum of money for Siddu's operation. How they save their Siddu is to be watched.