The cultural ideal of self-destruction (Kurt Cobain, Junior Seau, Whitney Houston) (Russ Lindquist)

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Russ Lindquist
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I never have and never will idolize pop stars actors etc because if i or all of us did then we would all be in term oil just like the pop culture etc influences us to try to be, I can not stand all the permiscuarty that the pop industry breeds into our children. Your points were well made especially the drugs that have become a big problem in society, and feel myself that this is alot to do with what the pop stars and actors are influencing our children to follow. Well I suppose thats stating the obvious really by myself sorry about spelling
By DEANNE -) May
'Men are taught to burn out; women are taught to just fade away' - was that not from Cobain's suicide note?
By CameronWright last year
Hi, happy new year! I don't know if you still post videos on Dailymotion or not, but I hope you do. I suspect Kurt C. had gluten intolerance & borderline personality disorder -- but that's another ... issue. High rating on this one.
By lisafalour 2 years ago