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    Review of the ElliptiGO


    by DadLabs

    Episode 887: Review of the ElliptiGO. Daddy Clay lucked out and won an ElliptiGO trainer via Facebook. As a runner who has suffered a few injuries, the odd looks from other pedestrians and cyclist while riding this 'running bike' is a small price to pay for the benefits. The low impact workout and reasonable pace of the ElliptiGO makes it the perfect piece of rehab equipment. One unexpected benefit is that the ElliptiGO has smaller wheels than a traditional "adult" bicycle, so the pace is slower. A pace that is perfect for an outing with the kids on their bicycles. You can move along comfortably at their speed, without feeling that you're holding yourself back. That is, of course, if they'll be seen with you on the very odd looking machine. Yes, it's an weird ride, but it is fun, and great for runners training or rehabbing an injury.

    Thanks to Elliptigo for their Facebook giveaway! And thank YOU for watching. Join the fitness conversations at by