[MV] Seo In Young (서인영) - ANYMORE (Full Version) [HD 1080p]



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Seo In Young releases comeback music video for “Anymore”

After teasing with sexy album jacket photos, Seo In Young has finally made her comeback for the first time in nine months with the release of her music video for her title track, “Anymore“!

Featuring electronic and funk sounds, this pop rock track has an abundance of powerful and trendy beats along with an African drum rhythm that will surely get you out of your seat and dancing right alongside her! All of this combined with her powerful vocals makes for one cool music video that fits just right in with her new solo style since setting up her own agency.

There’s perhaps no better person than Seo In Young herself to sing about confidence and power, and she does just that in this song about a woman’s journey to overcoming her past.

Check out the music video below!


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